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Our Buy Back Program

Our Buy Back Program is unlike anything else you'll find in the moulding & flooring products industry.

No longer are you stuck with obsolete moulding products! We have a buy back program, which means we will buy back any unused moulding products that are no longer in stock. This means you won’t lose valuable revenue when products are no longer made. Your long term business is important to us!


minimum order

You read that right! We don’t believe in forcing you into buying more than what you need. That’s just not good business. Instead, we can send out a job pack, or 1 piece for your particular project. No other moulding manufacturer does that, but we do!

We even have a guarantee on our products. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with our products, we will make it right! It is our mission to deliver the highest quality moulding and flooring products to you, at the best price available.

That’s our Guarantee!

Fast Scan

Learn about our fast scan inventory system and how it can speed up your inventory control process.

Helping our customers with


Use our bar code system to scan inventory quickly and efficiently. Know exactly what you have in stock and how much of it you have.

Quick Ship Program

Precision Flooring Products, Inc. offers a unique and helpful quick ship program for our stocking customers. Through that program, a customer can order as few pieces of moulding as needed and have it ship out of our plant within 3 to 5 days of the order. The mouldings will ship via UPS and can be delivered to any destination in North America.This program is especially useful for two purposes:


The speed at which the orders ship greatly reduces the consumer’s aggravation. For example, if mouldings are needed so a house closing can take place, there is no need to worry about mouldings being “back ordered.” We will overnight the mouldings and ease the burden on the homeowner, installer, contractor, retailer and distributor.


This program reduces inventory. Precision Flooring Products, Inc. does not believe that anyone should have to order more mouldings than they need. Why should you have to order a box of reducers and a box of thresholds when you only need one of each? We will gladly ship you one of each and you will not have to maintain inventory for obscure floors.