Premium Lumber

Our process starts with using only the best lumber. We use premium grades of lumber with the richest grain and color. We stock a wide variety of wood species, including American cherry, ash, beech, birch, Brazilian cherry, cumuru/teak, hickory, ipe, Lyptus, maple, pecan, pine, red oak, Santos mahogany, sapele, tauari, tigerwood, walnut, white oak and many others. Beginning the process with the best lumber available enhances the quality and durability of the finished product.

The Journey Begins

Every piece of lumber that makes its way through our facility is handled with the utmost care. Each piece may pass through dozens of hands, as a majority of the work that is done is done by hand. To start, we perfectly plane each piece of lumber to a consistent thickness.

Handled With Care

Each piece of lumber is inspected and handled with care throughout its journey through our facility.

Tools of the Trade

We use only the very best tools for the job. We have an entire room dedicated to sharpening and maintaining our tools to yield the best results for our moulding products.

True Artisans

We can match any flooring, any finish, and any design. This is possible because we have true artisans that match the design with a trained eye. They create just the right mix of stains and colors to match any flooring product.

A Massive Stain Library

We have a massive stain library built up over the course of the years we’ve been in business. If we’ve created and matched a flooring product for you, we keep it in our library to use again in the future.

Flooring Sample Library

We also keep a flooring sample and moulding library that is a record of all of the flooring samples we have matched over the years.

Hand Stained to Perfection

Our artisans apply some stains by hand in order to match the flooring product more accurately. This is to ensure better accuracy and to create a more natural look to match certain design styles.

Custom Applications

We apply custom stains on a per-product basis. It takes a trained eye to apply the right stain and inspect each piece for quality.